Intro Blog Post

March 28, 2021

This is my first post on blog! For this first post I’m going to make it an introduction post, my goal for this site, and anything else that comes to mind!

Who Am I?

My name is Alec Harrison and I am a software consultant at Source Allies. On my current client/team I was exposed to Azure, .Net, DevOps and have been loving it ever since.

Why Barista?

You maybe wondering why the name Azure Barista? Well, I’ve been on my as an apprentice and right away after I graduated from college. I used to make the joke at standup that I “forgot the coffee again”. Playing on the joke of that the intern always brings everyone coffee. Fast forward to a cold October morning we all decided to pickup coffee on the way back to Source Allies’ office from our client. Being a little chilly and on the way to the office I volunteered to pickup everyone’s order on the way to the office. After that Maggie Pena (my co-worker and awesome Azure Barista logo designer) pointed out the irony of me bringing everyone coffee. After that the name and logo stuck.

Goal of the site?

The goal of this website and blog is to showcase anything I maybe digging around and document it or talk about any fun things I stumble across. This can include anything from building an Azure DevOps pipeline all the way to configuring MSAL on an application. This can also include any additional learning I do after an IMAUG (Iowa Microsoft Azure User Group) meeting. I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

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Written by Alec Harrison who lives and works in Des Moines building useful things. Any questions about any post feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and message me there.You should checkout IMAUG!