IMAUG and Life Update

August 16, 2021

Minor Life Update

I just realized the other day that with everything being so crazy over the last month or so I haven’t blogged in a while. My cadence of blogs to hold me accountable for learning fell off slightly and I wanted to give an update on two major sections of my life IMAUG and my professional life.

IMAUG Update

As some of you may have heard at our awesome K8s meeting we are now a nonprofit in the state of Iowa! You might be asking “Alec that’s cool but what does that mean?” I’ll be honest it was a lot of paperwork and waiting on the road to becoming a 501.C3. The reason that matters is once we are a 501.C3 we can take in donations and give receipts as tax writeoffs for bigger companies. That way we can take in funds and start having an operating budget. This has been a few months in the making and I (as well as other organizers) are thrilled to be making progress on this front. We are also now starting to look at orgs around the metro to be strategic partners for our user group. We aren’t super sure what that means at this point, but if you or your company wants in reach out to me or any other organizers! We’d be happy to discuss our vision of partnership and we can work together to make that vision a reality. We are also open to bringing on more local speaker, organizers, or sponsors. If you are every interested in any of those or want to give a topic suggestion hit any one of us up! We are always happy for community input. That wraps up the IMAUG update.

Life Update

Since this is my personal blog I feel like I need to address my change in my job. That has been where most of my time has been spent transitioning from one role to a new one. I can’t say enough great things about Source Allies and really enjoyed learning from so many people there. I wouldn’t be the engineer I am today without so many people there. With that said I did decide to take the leap at a new opportunity at Growers Edge a fin-tech startup in Johnston. They are doing some awesome sounding things and I’m excited to bring what skills I have and to be learning from everyone at Growers Edge! I also gave my first talk outside of Iowa too! I am very grateful for Azure in the ATL for letting me give a talk on Azure versus Bicep to their group! I’m excited to see where my career in public speaking and professional development will go! Until next time (hopefully sooner this time)!

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