MS Ignite Day 1

November 02, 2021

Microsoft Ignite Day 1 Huge Topics!

Overall, ignite if you don’t know is a venue for Microsoft and partners to show product launches and show what they are working on in the future! This means some of these technologies are going to be ready for general adoption today, and some are showing the future state of development.

MS Teams Meshes

Microsoft Teams is going to start releasing mesh avatars for coworkers! So now everyone should be able to be on camera and help with camera fatigue! You can generate your avatar and be “on camera” without having to actually be on camera. There is also a digital work space that Accenture demoed. You can have meetings, whiteboard, and even PLAY PING PONG! Now if I could just eat my digital avocado toast… Anyways this could be exciting advancement in the VR space to make a digital environment feel more real. The spatial audio and face tracking could be huge for meetings!

Serverless Containers?!

You can now or very soon host your containers in Azure “without servers”! You can now pay for the consumption plan of your containers. That’s crazy?! You can now host a serverless DB, serverless containers, serverless apis. It looks like the future for Azure and app dev teams are going to be a consumption and serverless model or at least the ability to support them!

Power Automate Desktop

Power automate is coming up again in this event. Showing Microsoft is looking into keeping and empowering “non-developers” to empower all creators across an org! This is awesome to have a more centralized or local app dev for creators everywhere. This helps bring the creation of the power platform out of the cloud and on to local computers. I’m excited to see how this works, and the experience this provides end users.

MS Loom

There is a new collaboration suite Microsoft announced. I’m not really sure how this will shake out for helping collaboration, but time will tell!

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