Netflix Moves To Azure?

July 28, 2022

Netflix names Microsoft As New Partner

On July 13th Microsoft put out a press release that Netflix is now their partner for their new ad supported streaming service. They stated Microsoft’s approach to privacy which is built on protecting customers’ information.


You might be asking why is this a huge deal in cloud news? Netflix helped drive a lot of the early features available in AWS that we all take for granted today. We also owe a lot of those features to Netflix too as other cloud providers like Azure originally were developing feature parity and iterating to make those features even better. While this is not Netflix officially dropping AWS there is speculation across the web that now that Prime video is becoming more and more of a real competitor that Netflix wants to move away from paying AWS’ parent company Amazon money. They also don’t want to be allowing Amazon to have access to their data to further enhance Prime Video. As Netflix is losing their early streaming monopoly they are going to have to start gearing up for a streaming war and possibly might drop their tried and true partner at AWS as a strategy in this play. We will see where the future takes us and Netflix!


Here is the link the press release.

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